What happens when you live in a home for so long and then all of a sudden it’s moving day? This happened to my parents recently. Well, actually it’s still happening. After 51 years of living in the same house, raising 5 children, remodelling, and creating a house into a home just the way you… Continue reading Memories

April 29th

As this day approaches, so with it also comes my sadness. This happens to me every single April for the past 38 years. Sometimes it’s because I remember, and other times my subconscious mind reminds me. It reminds me not to forget. Never to let go or to lose the memory of what I lost… Continue reading April 29th


What is it they say about opinions? Oh yeah, opinions are like….well, you know the rest. But to put it nicely, they’re like pollen on a windy spring morning. They spread fast and only cause pain and tears. Opinions are especially visible lately. Now that we have social media and freedom of speech. Take Facebook… Continue reading Opinions