Angels All Around Me

When I awoke this morning with a pounding sinus headache, congested, and a lose, hacking cough…all of which I thought I was healed from…I got so frustrated. I have been struggling for months with this horrible sinus problem, with these past few weeks being the worst! Just when I start to feel better, a bad day sets me back. But little did I know, how truly “blessed” my day would be. How beautiful angels would surround me with warmth, compassion, and love. 

As I sat in my classroom next to my student, shivering because my aching body would not warm up. As the teacher read a story to the inquisitive students, I whispered under my breath, “Oh, I’m so cold”. Immediately after saying this, my student puts his arm on my shoulders in order to help warm me up and keeps them there throughout the whole story. This little angel has such a huge heart of gold.

Then later in the morning as I stood outside, shivering once again, supervising students during recess, yet another angel pops into my day. Fifteen minutes before my duty is done, and hers begins, another employee, comes up from behind me. She sweetly says she is there to relieve me so I can go in early and hopefully get better. She knew I was not well and wanted to help by giving me an extra 15 minutes in doors to stay warm and feel better. Her name is the same name as my best friend who lost many years ago. Two angels with the same name.

Then that afternoon, as I sat next to my student once again and his case worker asks him what makes him happy. He smiles and says,  “Ms Lisa’s gonna like this one. It makes me happy when Ms Lisa is here”. My eyes welled up with tears of joy. The love I felt at that moment, was enough to warm me for days.

Starting my day feeling so sick and unhappy, not knowing that God was sending me His angels to help me through my day. To warm me when I’m cold, show compassion when I’m down, and love when I needed lifting up.

Before I close my eyes tonight, I look up and give thanks for all my angels who came to my assistance today.


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