Let It Go

As I step into this new year I have so much to reflect on. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I have so much good in my life that out weighs the the bad and that’s what I want to go forward with in 2017. I have spent so much of my past dwelling on the things I can not change, the people I can not change, the thoughts and doings of others that I cannot change. I have allowed the actions of others to reflect who I am. I have allowed others to get inside my head and twist my inner being into someone I do not want to be. 

So as I go forward into 2017, I choose a famous quote, that my darling 4 year old granddaughter loves, to follow me in my daily thoughts and doings. I shall not allow what others say and do to reflect who I truly am. I choose to “Let It Go”!  By letting it go, I open the year to being who I really am. 

Yet it’s not only the thoughts and doings of others that I need to let go of. But the thoughts I create within my own mind sometimes steer me in the wrong direction as well. Because of some bad choices I have made in my past, I have allowed myself to believe I’m not worthy or capable of happiness. But today I start to truly believe that because I corrected myself and those behaviors and chose a better path, I am an even better human being then I was before. I don’t need the okay or approval of anyone to know this. For above I have received His approval and okay to know I’m worthy.

2017 is a new beginning, a new start to a new year. A new chapter in all our lives. Take a look at your past. Carry with you into this new year the good, and with the bad, I say to “Let It Go”. Leave it in 2016 or what ever year it was created, and LET IT GO! 

Here we come 2017. With a clean slate and clear mind. We are worthy and we are ready!


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