Summers End

Unlike my usual, I am actually looking forward to this summers ending. It’s been a stressful one at that and I’m ready to put the final touches on this one and move ahead.

As I look out my front door, I reminisce of all that has walked thru its entrance. From the first day we walked thru it together as a family, to today as it stands open waiting. Waiting…waiting…waiting. Above the door as you enter is a plaque reading “Once upon a time…”. So many stories to tell inside, so many characters in this book of mine. Tears well into my eyes as I sit here and remember. So many memories have passed thru this opening. Now it stands waiting for more.

Summer is usually my favorite season. Yet, this year, I have to admit it wasn’t. Today as I gaze at my front door and I look at the stain glass ornament that hangs from it. On it is the word “WELCOME”. Yes, I welcome the next season like I have never before.

I hate good byes, as many of you know. So my front door, will never be a place to use those words again. My front door is where I greet you and welcome you to my home. It’s a place for “hellos” and never again “good byes”. For if you exit this front door of mine, you shall only hear, “until we meet again”.

This summer may have an ending. But my story within this front door never will. This story of mine may begin with the fairy tale beginning of “Once upon a time”, but it will never have an ending like so many tales do…like this summer season does. This is just a chapter written in my book of life. My front door is the first page to each and every one of these chapters. Won’t you open it and be a part of my story?


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