What happens when you live in a home for so long and then all of a sudden it’s moving day?

This happened to my parents recently. Well, actually it’s still happening. After 51 years of living in the same house, raising 5 children, remodelling, and creating a house into a home just the way you want it. Then one day you blink and you have turned 80 and 86! The freedom and energy have slowly crept from your beings and slowed you down. The world is a little bit different, life is a little bit harder, and you just can’t keep up with it all. That’s when moving day steps up to the plate and takes you to another world.

In this moving process my siblings and I have begun to clean away and pack up everything for them. It’s amazing the things you find and have completely forgotten about as you start to dig though it all. Pictures of way back when, bring back memories you had placed in a tiny corner of your mind or have forgotten they even happened.

Today I walked upstairs into my old bedroom. A place I haven’t gone to in many many years. As I pass through the connected closets I remember the times we pretended it to be an elevator, or a bathroom, or a secret passage way. Then I entered the walk in attic off of the bedroom and so many memories pop into my head. The little quiet get-away I had made in there one year. It was also a hideout for things I didn’t want others to find. I blink away a tear and smile for the memory.

I understand my mother’s sadness, I would feel the same pain. I only hope her new home creates as many happy times as this house has.

Memories are what we have
We’ll hold them close to heart.
Memories we carry forever
As we move to begin a new start.


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