Is Silence Truly Golden?

We go through life being so busy. Running from here to there. The sound of traffic, people talking and laughing, machinery running, music blaring, etc. And for those with children, the noise never seems to stop…until…
One day you wake up and the gift of silence is given to you. Oh, sure you hear the traffic and music, and all. But your missing the beautiful sound of footsteps on the stairway, chatter at the dinner table, fights over who’s turn it is to do dishes. All those truly beautiful sounds are gone. It’s like you went to sleep one night with young children and you awoke the next morning to grown adults who no longer live with you. That’s the silence that is not so golden. That’s the silence I dread every day.
Even though my children have been gone for some time now, this silence is a silence I will never get use to. I don’t believe that silence is golden because I believe every little sound is music to the ear. Memories for the soul. Treasured vibrations for the heart to hold. Give me loud marching bands, children laughing, birds singing, and cats purring. For, to me, this is what makes the heart pound another beat to another happy day in life.
You can have your silence, for I need noise to create good rhythm for life.


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