What is it they say about opinions? Oh yeah, opinions are like….well, you know the rest. But to put it nicely, they’re like pollen on a windy spring morning. They spread fast and only cause pain and tears.

Opinions are especially visible lately. Now that we have social media and freedom of speech. Take Facebook for example. Everyone is telling everyone right now who they should or should vote for. How awful the other opponent is and saying some really terrible things about them…including the opponents themselves.  Or religion and faith beliefs. There are those posting all their religious quotes, telling others if you believe you won’t scroll down, yet you will type “Amen” and share. Bad mouthing others if that don’t believe the same things as you is wrong! It’s just plain wrong! None of these people are stopping to think that maybe, just maybe, they are hurting or offending someone in any way.

There are many other sites that this same activity goes on and it scares me. Why are we so ready to voice what we believe and force it down others throats? Why are we not taking into consideration that we all are created equal and we all have our own thoughts, beliefs, and yes, opinions. Yet, some of us choose to hold them within because we don’t want to offend or belittle our fellow man.

When my kids were young and living at home, I would say these things to them. I asked them one day, “Why can’t we all just get along? Why does this world have to continuously fight one another?”. I don’t remember which child of mine responded, but they said in return, “Mom, your living in a fantasy world.” No, I’m not really. Respect, love, understanding, and caring would really make this life so much easier for all of us. Don’t you think?

So as I ponder this thought and I take my first step out my door every morning. I stop and remind myself that today, TODAY I WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Today I will work harder to convince everyone I meet that it IS possible to all get along. It is possible to have respect, love, understanding and caring. For I will do my best to live by example. I will slip up, and by George, I have. But, its not my mistakes that make me, but my starting over that does!

I’m guessing some that are reading this might say, “Well, that’s your opinion”. Maybe you’re right. Maybe I am just as guilty as the next.

Opinions, why do we all feel the need to express them? My wish for today is that you stop and consider your opinion before you do express it. Ask yourself first if it really needs to be said? Will it hurt or offend someone? Then if so, I hope you decide to keep it within.



One thought on “Opinions

  1. Great view point Lisa! I so enjoy reading your blog! In my opinion Starting out each day positive is so important!! Treating others nicely should be easy but for some it is not.


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