What Are Dreams Really Made Of?

Dream…my favorite word of all. For what is life without them? Everyone needs to dream, to hold on to these dreams, to truly believe in these dreams, and to do what they can to make these dreams a reality. Yet, this same word, this favorite word of mine, can easily become my biggest nightmare…literally!

What I mean is the dreams I have once I close my eyes in the evening and fall fast asleep. These unbelievably true-feeling, yet bazaar-as-hell happenings that go on in the night. These dreams have baffled me for so many years. I’ve read books, watched TV programs, searched internet sites, and still I have no answers…only fright. Why fright? Because these night dreams have a way of leaving me spending days in total wonder.

I believe my dreams resemble how I was years ago when I use to drink. When I got enough alcohol in my system, I could tell anyone exactly what I feared to say when sober. So now that I no longer drink…I dream it. In my dreams it all comes out.

But these fears can also be demonstrated in my dreams through those within them. My fears of others and what they may do or think of me. They will demolish my inner being to a point that I feel the hangover when I wake…just like I did when I drank.

So, once again, I enter my bed tonight with hopes of a dream that makes some sort of sense. One that stands up and says, “Hey Lisa, this is what I’m all about. This is what your life is about. AND this is why I am giving you this sort of dream tonight”. I know…..Dream on, right?

Better yet, maybe tonight will be silent. Maybe I will have no dreams at all. Maybe instead I will sleep soundly through the night without a peep from the dream world makers. I will sleep so well that I awake in the morning refreshed for my day. Then I can spend my whole day wondering what does that mean?….I ALWAYS have dreams! OMG…somethings wrong! I better Google it!

Sweet dreams my friends…


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