POP Goes the T.V.

A very interesting evening for sure…
Later this afternoon, when we returned from a short trip to Mankato, Rich decides to enjoy playing some Call of Duty. While I, on the other hand, think it’s the perfect opportunity for me to relax on the couch and get started on my new coloring books for adults. A couple hours go by and Rich stops his play and instead goes upstairs to his office to get some work done. Meanwhile, I find a movie to watch as I continue to color. The movie progresses and starts to grab a hold of my attention. When all of a sudden the TV makes a loud “POP” sound and the picture goes out. But the sound keeps on playing. I look up with astonishment! Luigi (my Siamese cat) jumps off the couch from where he was snuggled next to me and wanders slowly over to the TV. Then on top of the voices from the movie, which is till going, the TV starts to make this ticking sound. Luigi creeps in closer to investigate. I call for Rich to come down and check things out. As I wait for him, I watch Luigi and he is so inquisitive as he crawls under a wooden chair sitting next to the television. He’s creepy down low and moving in slow. I, with my evil twisted mind decide to have some fun and slap down hard on the table next to me. Luigi, of course, not expecting this sudden loud sound while he was concentrating on his investigation…JUMPED off the floor with all four paws so high that he lifted the chair above him! Call me mean, but that was funny😄.
What happened with our TV after all of this you wonder? Well, Rich changed the lamp within this old ancient tube of ours and wallah!…it worked!…for two seconds and it blew out again! Yup, he’s now on the laptop looking up which type of new one he wants to get next. If it were up to me, I’d say let’s not. I’m kinda liken this sound of peace and quiet we are experiencing right now.


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