A Continued Task of Letting Go

A couple of months ago, I left Facebook. My reasons being that I personally couldn’t keep my mouth shut when people talked and posted stupid things (stupid in my mind). Knowing my posts would possibly damage someone else’s feelings, personal life, or career. I just decided it was time I leave. But as time went on, my husband still being on Facebook, would comment on the pictures or things our children or extended families would post. I was missing out on so many good things that I loved about Facebook. So I decided to join again. Yet, this time, I would be very careful who I was friends with. Family, close friends, and people I admire.

That said, my daughter suggested a page and invited me to join it. This page “Mind, Body and Soul Transformation” is a page that helps you grow, and become a positive and strong person. Its cover phrase is what drew me in. “How does one become a butterfly? You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar”. Yup, that describes me and the changes I want to make!

Every day she gives us a task to do. Todays task is to write a poem. I love poetry and love writing it. So here it goes. This one is for the Mind, Body and Soul Transformation page and all its followers.

Letting go is not easy

I wish for so much more

Why can’t I see it

Why can’t I close this door?

People in my past have hurt me

Yet who has allowed them to do so

It isn’t them who dish this out

It’s I who won’t let go!

I wrote you down on a piece of paper

I told you that you had to go

I burned you till you were ashes

And then I tossed you to the snow!

Why are you hanging on to me

Why won’t you let me go

Or is it I who grasps your hand

And allows myself to hurt so?!

So once again I shall burn this pain

Yet this time I will mean it

This time I will never look back

This time I will not quit!

You will not win this battle of mine

I will close my heart to this madness

For only I can allow you in

Only I can bring me gladness!


To be continued forever…

Lisa Meyer  01/14/16









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