A Hallmark Movie Life


As I sit here watching the Hallmark channel, I wonder a few things. First, thing I think about is, am I the only one that enjoys these types of “sappy” movies (that’s what my husband calls them)? Well, I know the answer to this is no because I have spoken to others who also enjoy them. My daughter, my hairdresser, friends, teachers I work with, and even a few men that I know, are only a small amount of those that have admitted this passion to me.

The second wonder I have is, why? Why do I watch these movies? I mean, seriously, I can predict the ending to the movie within the first five minutes of it starting. No matter what will happen in the beginning or middle, it will always end up the same…happy. The girl meets a guy who throughout the whole movie she doesn’t like, or has no clue she actually really loves, and will eventually be with and marry.

Let’s admit it, we all like predictions. We would all love knowing that in the end, our own life will end up just as happy as the couple in the movie. Through all our trials and struggles, it will be worth it because we will end up with our prince charming, the perfect job we’ve always dreamed of, a beautiful home, etc….a truly happy ending. So watching these “sappy” movies brings us hope. We know in our minds and in our hearts that its only a movie, yet we can’t help but dream. Dream that just maybe it could happen to us.

Another reason we take time out of our day to watch these happy not sappy shows is for our inner self worth. Our daily lives sometimes leave us feeling as though we have none. Some days the busyness and political things happening all around us, can knock us down to the point where we feel we cannot rise. Then we turn on our TV’s to these “happy” movies and it gives us hope. Within every story, no matter how sappy it may seem, there is a message of self worth. Telling you to get back up and try again. Tomorrow is another day. Happiness is within. Dreams really do come true. Never give up.

So, in conclusion, I will continue to watch these sappy happy movies. Like in these movies, my life may not be perfect, and I will struggle day to day. There will be people and things that will drag me down and do their best to hurt or destroy me. Yet in the end its me and only me that can change it all. My ending may not be as perfect as the ending in each of these movies, but I know I’m worth the fight to try.



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