This Ones For You

I write this blog for many many reasons. Yet, the other day, I discovered something that has given me the best reason of all to write.

For the past four or so days I have been taking care of my 2 beautiful granddaughters. We kept busy doing so many things. Coloring, watching the Disney channel, playing with the toy kitchen set upstairs, watching Full House series, playing in the snow, and so much more. On one of those days, my oldest granddaughter, Kaylee, age 7, asked me about my blogs. She told me that she has read some of them. She wanted to know if I had written more than the ones she mentioned to me. When I told her of the ones I’ve written that she had not seen yet, she asked if she could read them. So I opened my blog and she began to read them aloud to her sister and I. As she read, I listened. I heard myself in a way I had never heard before. My blogs spoke to me and meant more to me then the day I wrote them. From the mouth of this beautiful child. This child who cared so much to know what I wrote, why I wrote it, and when I will write another. This child who will forever hold my heart in the palm of her hands, in the sparkle in her eyes, and in the glow of her smile.

So Kaylee Mae’ this blog is for you. You have given me reason to continue to tap these keys to the music of life and what it brings me.

I love you!



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