My Christmas Three

My blogs will never be about religion and never EVER about politics! Those are the two most private subjects which should only be discussed with…wait, they should never be discussed. Those are subjects better kept unsaid and to oneself.

That said, my blog today is about Santa Claus, the drummer boy, and Chippey. Two that I love, and one who truly gives me the “heebie geebies”. But my thoughts today are not on which one of these is the creepy one to me, yet, the sentiment of them all. The feeling and the emotions that these three create within ourselves.

All of these bring you some sort of present, be it physical or emotional. These are the three I remember from my Christmas pasts. One goes as far back as I can remember…Santa. Another, as I was a young child this one was presented to me through TV…the drummer boy. The third, and the most recent, was brought to my attention by my 4 loves, my grandbabies.

No matter how I see each of these, they all represent an emotion, an experience, and a feeling of Christmas to me.

Santa brought me tangible joy as a young child. I had to be good, for he was watching me at all times. I had to sit on his lap and speak the truth of my yearly behavior. If I did all of these I was rewarded gifts that I dreamed of having.

The little drummer boy brought me peace of mind, happiness within, the example of what love and giving is all about. He was a truly caring and selfless young boy that because I was at that same age, I could relate. Thoughts of him kept me in line and he was the reason I stayed good within (most of the time 😉 ).

Last, but certainly not least, there is Chippey. Chippey, of course, was introduce to me by the 4 people that fill my heart with more joy than I can put into words. Chippey, brings smiles and laughter to these 4 beautiful grandchildren of mine. Chippey lightens a time of year that is normally filled with so much tension. The laughter I hear from my grandkids as Chippey swings nightly from place to place, showing up in the most unusual spots in the morning, is what Christmas is all about.

I like to look back at the sentimental joy that these three things bring to me. Memories and memories, with more to come. Laughter and joy, each needed in ones daily life.

Hold on to your memories, your Christmas beliefs. Never let go of the ones that make you happy. Forget the hussle, forget the shopping. Hanging on to those will only bring you sadness. Let your Christmas joy shine in the good memories you have and the better ones you will make!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

May you find the LOVE, PEACE, AND JOY this holiday season and share it with all you meet.

A Very Happy Holidays to everyone!





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