Annual Cookie Decorating

I started an annual cookie decorating with my four grandchildren a couple of years ago. This has become one of the best and most enjoyable days EVER!  The kids get so involved and work so hard.xmas82015.jpgMaking sure every detail is just right.xmas42015Adding sparkle and shine.xmas62015Spreading color to cover and cloth them just right.xmas72015.jpgM&M’s…one for the cookie, one for me, one for the cookie, the rest to ME!xmas132015.jpgSo proud of their creations!xmas122015Taste testing is important, you know!xmas22015There’s time left for play.xmas162015.jpgTo enjoy being together.xmas112015.jpgSo many good memories.xmas92015Filled with many happy smiles.

winter2012.5Merry Christmas from our home to yours.


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