Gifts of the Day

The sky is truly a spectacular thing. I’ve always loved the late evening sky with the rising of the moon and the sparkling of the stars. There’s just something extremely calming and heart warming about lying under the light of a full moon. All around this beautiful ball of romantic light is the darkest blue area of space going as deep as the mind can imagine.

Then there’s what comes right before the darkness of night. That being the gorgeous colors of the sunset. It’s true beauty is never more put on display than when it sets over the lake on a warm summers eve. Breathtaking! I only wish it lasted longer so I could appreciate it all around me and capture those in my memory.

Before the sunset is our skies of the day. If you read my previous blog you would know how I feel about all of these…sunshine, clouds, rain…all full of beauty in its own way.

Yet the one sky scenery I have not learn to appreciate until taking on my newest job, is the skies that begin our day. Oh my, this is the prettiest and quite possibly the best sky of all! As I drive to work I get to witness each and every sunrise for the day. Absolutely spectacular! The skies reach out way beyond what the eyes can capture all at once. Many a mornings I have driven to work with tear filled eyes because of the beauty I am blessed to receive. I truly am not worthy of this daily gift, yet I am so grateful.

So next time you feel like life gives you nothing, just look up and receive the biggest and most spectacular gift of all.


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