Shine without the Sun

Up until about three to four years ago, I would base a lot of my daily happiness on the weather. I have always loved the sun! If it was shining, I was in it! Now, to be very honest with you, I still love the sun. Even though I know all of the warnings about sitting in the sun, I can not control myself. I’m like a magnet and the sun is my metal. In years past, if the sun was not shining, neither was I.

What happened 3-4 years ago? Well, I decided that I can not control everything. The weather being one of them. So I let go of many things that I was so desperately grasping and trying to control. I decided that the only control I had was of myself. That’s when I took ahold of the weather and made the best of every change it gave me. One being rain.

Rain was never my friend. We never got along and we argued often. But that year, with my new outlook on weather, we began to make up. This was the year I taught myself, and then my oldest granddaughter (she was 3 or 4 years old), to make a rainy day fun!

First I told her to put on her pretty pink rain boots, while I did the same. Then I instructed her to grab her new princess umbrella as I reached for my new colorful one myself. We put on a jacket and headed outdoors. The rain was falling so pretty and gentle. She was excited and could hardly wait to step foot in the puddles and learn what I had to show her. I stood in the driveway and told her to watch as nana makes this dreary day, a day full of shine. Just because the “sun” is missing in “shine” does not mean the day can not sparkle and be fun. So I took my umbrella and twirled it around in my hands as I danced and danced. She giggled and followed as I had done and we had a ball! Spinning in circles, humming songs as we twirled to the raindrops on our umbrellas.

My favorite saying, and quite possibly my motto for life since this day is as follows:  “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain”.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. For if the sun decides not to shine for days upon days, I do get a bit frustrated. But then I remember this day while I danced with my granddaughter, and the sun shines so brightly in my mind that it hides any clouds that may cast the sky.

So next time it rains and you were hoping for sunshine, grab your umbrellas. For no matter the weather I truly hope you dance.





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