Serious Scrooge Talk

Most people who know me will attest to the truth of what I am about to say…I am a Christmas Scrooge! For many years I thought it was because of Christmas pasts in my childhood or lack of money as a young parent wanting to fulfill all the wishes of each of my children. But really, none of those things are what has caused me to become this way.

Yesterday I was in a local department store with my daughter, son in law, and two granddaughters. My husband needed sweatshirts, so in my hand I held two, and was waiting in the checkout line to pay. The line was moving quite fast which really was a good thing for this up coming scrooge. Well, that’s until the lady in front of me got up to the cashier. A million questions began. She held in her hand a stack of coupons but was only purchasing one item?! And it started off like this. The lady pulls out one coupon after another asking if she can use this one or that. After each, she receives a no from the cashier with a reason why.

This store tends to have a sale nearly every day calling it something different. It’s a joke between my husband and I when I receive a flyer in the mail from them announcing another sale. One of us tries to be the first to blurt out, “Oh my god, H_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _’s is having a sale! They haven’t had one since like…YESTERDAY!”

Back at the check out, after pulling out a few different coupons and getting a “no” from the clerk each time. She holds all of them in both hands and presents the pile to the clerk stating, “Which one of these can I use?” As this goes on, I turn to my daughter who is standing about 6 feet away and say, “And this is why I shop on line!” And out popped scrooge for the season!

Thanksgiving use to be the forgotten holiday (shame on society, I love the pilgrims of my past!) I think that has gotten better over time but businesses just can’t let go that easy. For the whole weekend after, some starting Thanksgiving eve already, they have created a reason for my hidden Seasonal Sale Scrooge to come alive once more. I mean seriously! Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday. I’m sure giving Sunday a rest because that’s What Jesus Would Do right?

Well, some things I just can’t change. Yet I  can avoid them and that is what I will do. But before I do, I see that Target has some really cute boots on sale and I’m sure SOMEONE on my list needs them!

All kidding aside, I will do my best to control my inner scrooge this year so all of you may enjoy the holiday with one less crabby person in your check out line. I have done all my shopping already, thanks to Amazon, and my presents are only waiting wrapping. So enjoy the sales without me, but remember one thing as you do. When you are in a check out line that may not be moving fast enough, or a child is screaming for some candy behind you, etc. it could be worse…I could be there!


3 thoughts on “Serious Scrooge Talk

  1. I found myself a long time ago going to small strip malls, one of a kind stores, and the internet. I don’t want to be turned into a Scrooge by someone in line in front of me. When I do get stuck behind such a person, after that person leaves, I compliment the cashier on how well the customer was handled. I appreciate the cashiers that let things roll off their backs.


  2. This is something I am really struggling with this year. Actually the Bah Hum Bugs have been increasing more and more every year since I had kids. It is suppose to be this magical time of the year that kids enjoy and I feel as if I’m ruining it for them. But my attitude is brought on by society, buy this, buy that, sales, coupons, apps, online shopping, free shipping……… This huge build up to this exciting time and then it’s over in one day sometimes in less then a hour. I know, gifts aren’t the reason for the season but no matter what you teach your children it is the best part. Long story even longer…. If you could shed any light on how to improve this Scrooge feeling PLEASE SHARE….

    P.S. I love your blog!


    1. Thanks so much for reading my blogs! You are feeling exactly how I felt when my kids were young. I too, worried I was ruining Christmas for my kids. Surprisingly though, it has not. Yet, I do believe they witnessed my frustration with the way society portrays this holiday, and because of this, they don’t allow themselves to become a part of it. I struggled so much up until this year. What has changed? Removing extra stress in my life. I do understand that is not always easy to do. But I can honestly say, that is what changed in me. I am feeling the Christmas spirit and loving this season for the first time since about the age of 6! My best to you and I really hope you find this peace of mind and can enjoy the season once again also.


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