My Childhood Dreams

So I suppose you are expecting me to write something stating about how thankful I am this day that we give thanks for all? Well, you’re sort of right. Let me explain…

When I was a little girl, the only dreams I had of my future were of being married to my handsome prince, living in our home with a white picket fence around the yard. I wanted only three children for I knew in my mind, any more was just too many…period!

First, I wanted a boy. Handsome and strong, just like his father. And lets not forget, to give him daddies wisdom as well. This child would be a leader and a gentle soul that would bring so much knowledge to our lives.

Then another boy. For my oldest son would need a companion to play with. One to share a room with and compare baseball cards with. This middle child would be the delight of every day. He would bring laughter to our table every evening. And yet, he would also hold within him and little mischief, like his mother.

Then last, but certainly not least, my little girl. She would carry on her face the beauty of an angel and within her, the heart of gentle newborn kitten. She would love all the little girl things and yet, enjoy digging in the mud right along side of her big brothers.

All of my children would be intelligent, yet down to earth. They would want new, yet appreciate what’s given. They would have big dreams, and never stop till they are found. Their need for togetherness would exceed their need for “things” in their lives. They would struggle the normal child, teen, and adult struggles. Yet come home every night to see what is truly important.

As I get my home ready for the company to arrive tomorrow to celebrate this wonderful day, a holiday that is one of my very favorites. I am in the dining room setting up the tables for our 12 guests. I turn around to face the wall that holds our family pictures and my eyes well with tears. To the right is my wedding picture. A picture of myself and my handsome prince. Is he an actual prince, you ask? In my eyes, yes. Then, as I move my eyes to the left, I see the pictures of my husband with his siblings. One missing, for she was that beautiful rose the dear Lord knew he needed to have in his home. The other picture is of my family. My parents, who I am so lucky to still have with me, and will be joining us tomorrow for dinner. Along side of them stands my four siblings. As my eyes gaze further to the left I see the three dreams of my childhood. Each one in their wedding attire on the day they too began to start to fulfill their own dreams similar to mine. But as I gazed over these pictures I realized one thing. My dream that my children would not be materialistic. That their need for togetherness would exceed their need for things came true as well. One bride was wearing a beautiful wedding dress her mother sewed, another a  beautiful wedding dress that she bought used, and my daughter…wearing my wedding dress that she had redone to her own style. The weddings were small, with guests of family and close friends.

Then something even more. Something my childhood dreams never excelled to. My eyes wandered over to the other side of the room to gaze at our four beautiful grandchildren. Two boys, two girls. All of them the joy, the light, and love of my life!

I started thinking of all the hard times I’ve had to endure. Both as an individual and as a married couple along side my husband. Wishing at those times that things would be, could be better. Praying for more, asking for what I don’t have. Today realizing patience and gratitude. For I had what I needed and what I didn’t have would come if and when it was time.

Do I have that white house with the picket fence around it? No, I have a HOME, and it’s even better than any dream I could dream of!




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