My Face Says WHAT?


So, as I am driving down the street one day. I look to the people in other cars as they pass me by and see their expressions on their faces and wonder…what does my face say to them? I feel at this moment its saying “I’m content. I’m truly happy in the moment and feel satisfied”.  Then I look in the rearview mirror. WHOA! WHAT!?

Friday night my husband and I went to a dinner theatre. The waitress just didn’t seem to be giving us the extra friendly service she had been giving others. We discussed this, as we had before, how we must give off that feeling of “I don’t want to be disturbed”, “leave me alone”, etc. Because we tend to get this every time we go out to eat, we sorta laughed at this because we realize we really are those kind of people. Yet, my husband says he has no problems starting conversations with others and it surprises him. As he was talking, my mind started to wander. I remember back to my car ride. I stopped him mid sentence, and said, “Wait! Remember how you have told me in the past that I can give a look that kills? You and I have this issue when we go out together. Yet, you don’t really have the same problem when you are without me. Does my face say what I think it does? Do I give that look? That same look my mother gives that scares me?” So he tells me to look at him with my normal composed face. I do this, and as I look at him, he jumps back in shock! That’s all I needed to see! We both bust out laughing. I said, “It’s me! Oh my God, I am the one!” And we laughed so hard. As I experienced with new facial looks so that my expressions were pleasant, it felt weird. I guess it looked weird too cause I had him laughing.

Why doesn’t my face say what I really feel? So now I walk around with new facial expressions that totally do not feel like I am feeling. Yet, I look in the mirror and they are true. I go back to what feels more normal to me and, YIKES, my face says THAT?

So when you see me, I may look like I am mad or mean, but really…inside I love you! Really, I do 😉



4 thoughts on “My Face Says WHAT?

  1. That’s funny how you talk about this because just today I was thinking to myself at the office. I wonder what other co-workers think of me when I sit here working with whatever expression I have on my face. I think I need to start smiling more because I am happy! Why don’t I show it more!?


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